Where Can You Find The Best Automated Fish Feeders?

Owning fish might not always be the most rewarding of jobs. Not only do these creatures often seem completely oblivious to their surroundings, they also might not be in tune with their own needs. A fish will rarely tap on the aquarium lid and bark like a dog for its food. So how do you […]

Best Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaners

While it’s important for your aquarium to have all the good nutrients that the fish and plants thrive from, it’s also important to draw the line somewhere. Sure, regular aquarium filters can capture a lot of fish excrement, and your tanks won’t last long without them. But that alone is not enough. Fish waste can […]

Discover What Colorful Fish are Compatible Tankmates of Angelfish

It is no secret that Angelfish are one of the most popular fish to occupy home aquariums, people love them for numerous reasons, with the more common being their unusual yet amazing body shapes, paired with equally unique coloring, and abundance of different species. Angelfish also go by the name of Pterophyllum, which is the […]

Sailfin Tang: The Ultimate Guide for This Unique Fish

Sailfin Tangs are quite possibly the most unique and awesome-looking fish you could introduce to your saltwater aquarium. Not only are they coated in incredibly bright colors and brilliant patterns, but their actual shape really is something to be admired too. Sailfins originate from Oceania, and more specifically, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific […]

Best Wall Mounted Fish Tanks

Wall-mounted fish tanks are known by many other names, including hanging aquariums, wall aquariums, and portrait aquariums. This type of aquarium design is ideal for people who live in small spaces and value their floor and table-top space.  A wall-mounted tank not only saves floor space but also enhances the ambiance of the space with […]