Best Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaners

While it’s important for your aquarium to have all the good nutrients that the fish and plants thrive from, it’s also important to draw the line somewhere. Sure, regular aquarium filters can capture a lot of fish excrement, and your tanks won’t last long without them. But that alone is not enough. Fish waste can […]

Discover What Colorful Fish are Compatible Tankmates of Angelfish

It is no secret that Angelfish are one of the most popular fish to occupy home aquariums, people love them for numerous reasons, with the more common being their unusual yet amazing body shapes, paired with equally unique coloring, and abundance of different species. Angelfish also go by the name of Pterophyllum, which is the […]

Differences Between True Percula Clownfish vs Ocellaris Clownfish

Clownfish are perhaps one of, if not the most popular reef fish for hobbyists at any stage of their journey. There are several valid reasons for this, and Clownfish received a huge amount of exposure and an increase in popularity due to the Nemo films. However, what primarily attracts people to these fish is their […]