Discover What Colorful Fish are Compatible Tankmates of Angelfish

It is no secret that Angelfish are one of the most popular fish to occupy home aquariums, people love them for numerous reasons, with the more common being their unusual yet amazing body shapes, paired with equally unique coloring, and abundance of different species. Angelfish also go by the name of Pterophyllum, which is the […]

Differences Between True Percula Clownfish vs Ocellaris Clownfish

Clownfish are perhaps one of, if not the most popular reef fish for hobbyists at any stage of their journey. There are several valid reasons for this, and Clownfish received a huge amount of exposure and an increase in popularity due to the Nemo films. However, what primarily attracts people to these fish is their […]

Sailfin Tang: The Ultimate Guide for This Unique Fish

Sailfin Tangs are quite possibly the most unique and awesome-looking fish you could introduce to your saltwater aquarium. Not only are they coated in incredibly bright colors and brilliant patterns, but their actual shape really is something to be admired too. Sailfins originate from Oceania, and more specifically, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific […]

Purple Tang Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Most hobbyists enjoy the process of building and adding to their aquariums for a multitude different, and valid, reasons, with perhaps one of the most popular being aesthetic purposes. When it comes to having your own tank, and building a community of fish, having attractive, brightly colored fish is simply a must. Fish do not […]

Hitchhikers ID Guide

(Polychaete – Linopherus sp.) You might be wondering what Polychaete actually means, and if you didn’t already know, it is a family of worms. There are around 8000 different living species of worm that are currently known, and Polychaetes can include ring worms, lugworms, bloodworms, sea mice, and much more. These are all marine worms that are […]

Hydroid Jellyfish: Everything You Need To Know About This Helpful Critter

First off, any unexpected tank inhabitant never really tends to be a good thing, especially when you don’t know what they are and how much potential damage they could cause to your aquarium and the community living within it. For the Hydroid Jellyfish, it is not something that you particularly want to be residing in your tank. […]

Six Line Wrasse: Discover Everything About This Popular Colorful Reef Safe Fish

The incredibly unique and colorful reef safe fish, the Six Line Wrasse has been popular with hobbyists for many years. The Six Line Wrasse goes by several other names: Six Stripe Wrasse, Six Striped Wrasse, Striped Wrasse, and the scientific name is Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia. Reasons for the Six Line Wrasse having such a popular fanbase […]

Top 5 Saltwater Hitchhikers – These are Good For Your Tank

Being a hobbyist certainly comes with many benefits. You get to witness your community of fish grow and flourish in front of your very own eyes, as the abundance of colors and personalities thrive together. Another awesome thing about fish keeping is that you never know what will appear in your tank without you even […]