Where Can You Find The Best Automated Fish Feeders?

Owning fish might not always be the most rewarding of jobs. Not only do these creatures often seem completely oblivious to their surroundings, they also might not be in tune with their own needs. A fish will rarely tap on the aquarium lid and bark like a dog for its food. So how do you […]

Best Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaners

While it’s important for your aquarium to have all the good nutrients that the fish and plants thrive from, it’s also important to draw the line somewhere. Sure, regular aquarium filters can capture a lot of fish excrement, and your tanks won’t last long without them. But that alone is not enough. Fish waste can […]

The Top 6 Best Fountains for Ponds of All Sizes

Although aquariums remain the most popular home environment for fish, fish owners are increasingly opting to house their fish in outdoor ponds.  A pond is likely to be the best environment for your fish’s physical and mental health. This is because ponds are larger than aquariums, on average, and are able to more closely mimic […]

Best Self-Cleaning Aquarium Tanks

No matter what type of fish tank you’re in the market for, you should always check the reviews out first. Here you’ll find previous customer’s testimonials and see what the best and worst parts of the tank are. Without checking the reviews, you’ll be at risk of getting an aquarium tank that doesn’t work for […]

The Best Aquarium Heaters That You NEED To Know About!

When it comes to our aquariums, we want the best for them, don’t we?  We want our fish and plants to live a life of luxury, dining on the best food, sheltering in the best caves money can buy, and enjoying luxurious gravel and filter systems.  But have you ever thought your fish might be […]

Best Reef Tanks

Reefs are a beautiful part of the ocean, aren’t they? Teeming with life, vibrantly colored corals, and fish, they are a wonder few of us get to experience up close in our lifetimes. That’s where reef tanks come in, changing the game. You can now keep and grow coral in your home! What a time […]

Best Wall Mounted Fish Tanks

Wall-mounted fish tanks are known by many other names, including hanging aquariums, wall aquariums, and portrait aquariums. This type of aquarium design is ideal for people who live in small spaces and value their floor and table-top space.  A wall-mounted tank not only saves floor space but also enhances the ambiance of the space with […]

What Is The Best Bio Filter Media – Freshwater & Reef Tanks

When it comes to bacterial filtration, some of you might be left scratching your heads. However, it isn’t as complicated as you might be led to believe. Bio filtering is when you let living creatures filter out the harmful microbes in your tank. It’s as simple as that! The media that is referred to in […]

Best Fish Food

If you’re new to owning fish, feeding them the best fish food you can afford is fundamental to ensuring your fish are thriving and having the best life in their aquarium possible. It’s crucial that you make sure you’re feeding your fish properly and have researched the specific type of fish species you have. Failure […]